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Micah, this week’s Bait, is the all American boy next door with blonde hair and a hot, tight body. Micah has the hots for Ryan, a beautiful, blonde Straight guy with a smooth, athletic body. Micah sees him running every day at the same time and called and asked if we could come to his apartment and help him Bait this guy into having sex with him.

After bum-rushing the kid and LOTS of haggling we finally got Ryan to come back to Micha’s apartment to get his dick sucked… but not by the girl he was expecting. Ryan’s not too happy about this. And, as Ryan tells us numerous times, when it comes to guys – money talks. So, with just some hundred dollar bills were not only able to get Ryan to let Micha suck his cock, but to top if off, we also get Ryan to suck Micha’s dick and throw one great fuck into him. Maybe the highlight of the video is when Ryan slips up about ever having a cock in his mouth…his own – and we dare him to do it on camera for 100 bucks – which he does. Even hotter – at the end of the video after Ryan cums and he’s still in the aftermath of his orgasm we tell him to lick the cum off the end of his own dick! Click here to watch videos of Micah and Ryan…

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To say that Jayden and Cole simply went beyond their straight sexual orientations in their fantastic shoot together would be a major understatement. From stroking each other off on the bed, to actually sharing blowjob favors once they step into the shower, these perfectly sculpted, very well hung fratboys busted the closet door right off the hinges this time. With each college jock sporting a hunk of man meat that would give even the most seasoned cock sucker a run for his money, there’s no doubt these boys love a good challenge.

They broke the mold when they created Jayden and Cole as they both really are the epitome of gorgeous, college jocks. With naturally athletic physiques, movie star good looks and long, thick cocks that any man would be damn proud of. This handjob and mutual oral servicing represents something incredibly glorious and perhaps representative of this day and age – If it feels good, do it! Click here to watch videos of Cole and Jayden…

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