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Ruggerbugger has caught a big one! Florian Fritz is a French rugby union player accidentally caught full frontally naked in the locker room. This beefy rugged sports star has an aggressive reserved manner, but Ruggerbugger has caught him in an unguarded moment when he was changing. And boy, doesn’t he have a large cock and a healthy looking pair of balls. Click Here To Watch Videos of Florian…

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Tanner jumped in the pool one of the hot afternoons that we were on the trip. Haigan saw him out there and called us so that we could take advantage of situation. Haigan threw off his shorts and jump in the pool and started to swim naked with Tanner.

After they played with each other for a while in the pool, they both stood up and started to kiss. Haigan just towered over Tanner and Haigan’s muscles just totally engulfed Tanner’s body. They were both immediately into it as Haigan took control and put Tanner on his knees to suck his cock. Tanner was rock hard as he swallowed Haigan’s big fat 9 inch cock.

Haigan was rock hard and wet from Tanner’s mouth so he bent Tanner over the edge of the pool and shoved his cock into Tanner’s virgin hole. Tanner let out an “oh fuck” as he moaned with painful pleasure.  Haigan goes to town on Tanners tight hairy hole. He fucked little Tanner for so long that Tanner’s hole was stretched to its’ max. Haigan finishes this off by shooting a huge load of cum about 3 feet into the pool and all over Tanner’s ripped abs. Click Here To Watch Videos of Haigan and Tanner…

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This is one HOT service session! Paco is demanding, aggressive and dominant as ever! This service session involves foot worship, rimming and good old fashioned cocksucking. Paco took total advantage of Ben‘s submissive nature and used him for all he was worth. In the end Paco rewarded Ben with an unexpected surprise, a load of cum right in his mouth! Click Here To Watch Videos of Paco and Ben…

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We thought we would put wholesome looking Orlando with bad boy Hayden. Orlando brings out the romantic side out of you, whereas Hayden makes you think dirty thoughts.

So we start of this movie with Orlando taking the lead, kissing down Hayden’s body and sucking his cock till it is hard.

Orlando has pretty much resigned himself to being a bottom, consistently struggling to stay hard when he Tops. But I wanted him to give it one more try and he did great. I still think Bottom works best for him and a couple times his dick got hard while being fucked, so he is now finally enjoying it, rather than just “taking it.”

Hayden unloads his first squirts all over Orlando’s hole, then lets the second half breed him good.

It took Orlando some time to ramp up, and Hayden busted another small nut, which actually made Orlando cum. Not sure where all of Orlando’s cum went, but I know some got in Hayden’s mouth as he spits some up and I coaxed Orlando into kissing Hayden with his cum in his mouth. He didn’t even flinch. Just awesome. Click Here To Watch Videos of Hayden and Orlando…