Check out our new guy Bruce Sheppard. Man this guy is as good as it gets! Standing at 6’5″ and with a build like that at only 18 years old is something you just have to see to believe. When Bruce first met Sofia Dimarco, his young eyes lit up. We took notice and pulled him aside to see what was up.

Bruce was a bit nervous and when he saw milf Sofia, he suddenly felt at ease. He asked us if it would be possible for him to shoot with her first. This wasn’t part of the original plan, but when this giant teen is looking you dead in the eyes with his blue eyes, you just say yes. Visit

And boy are we glad we did. Ms. Sofia took VERY good care of our boy and instantly put him at ease. As soon as Bruce had his head buried in this milf’s E cups (yes, I said E) he just couldn’t keep them out of his mouth. Sofia couldn’t keep young Bruce out of her mouth either… Bruce couldn’t believe how good she was with her extra sloppy blowjobs.

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This young man Frankie is a personal trainer and he enjoys helping people reach their fitness goals, today he shows us how much fun you can have showing off your own body on camera and he strips out of his clothes to show off his muscles and lovely long uncut cock!

It is soft for just a moment and Frankie shows off his stiff erection and slight hairy hole in such a relaxed way that he turns himself on while doing it.

Lots of wanking later he lies back on the chair and shoots one massive load of cum, a few squirts then how much cum! Frankie cums real hard and all effortlessly, another straight lad turning himself on for us. Watch on

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Lester came to the shoot with his best friend Max whose photos went online a week ago and today Max does quite a few walk-on rolls coming into Lester’s shoot on quite a few occasions.

Max undresses Lester who then feeling a little lonely gets Max naked! The lads are very relaxed around each other when naked and cheeky glances and a few questions and we get to learn they see each other quite a lot naked and the only thing they haven’t seen is each other’s erections!

Lester does a great job at showing off his body, his hair free body and hole and wow what a massive cock, its five inches when soft and nearly nine inches when erect and wow he gets proper hard and it stick straight up like a missile!

Lester does a great job at showing off his body and lies back and does a massive cum shot firing it all over the place, loads of cum firing all over the place! Wow thank you Lester another straight lad happy to unload for us! Watch Lester on

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Ryan Lacey first came to us with the intention of only jerking his big fat cock. Well, after his solo shoot was done, Collin Simpson randomly dropped in to say hello. When these guys met, it was like fireworks! Especially in Ryan’s baby blue eyes.

Ryan and Collin got to talking about everything from hobbies to fitness. They realized they were so much alike! So many similar interests. Bottom line, they hit it off like very few models we have ever seen.

The boys met up for a hike together and Ryan started asking Collin about what it was like being with a guy. Collin told him that getting a blowjob from a guy is the best thing ever. Guys just know what guys want. It’s as simple as that.

Ryan’s curiosity was now stronger than ever…but he wasn’t sure how to go about exploring his desires. He shares his dilemma with his new buddy Collin and the rest is history. These guys will be lifelong friends now. Hopefully you two will share more of your experimentation with us in the future! Watch more on

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