Hot Guys Fuck: 18 YO Bruce Sheppard

Check out our new guy Bruce Sheppard. Man this guy is as good as it gets! Standing at 6’5″ and with a build like that at only 18 years old is something you just have to see to believe. When Bruce first met Sofia Dimarco, his young eyes lit up. We took notice and pulled him aside to see what was up.

Bruce was a bit nervous and when he saw milf Sofia, he suddenly felt at ease. He asked us if it would be possible for him to shoot with her first. This wasn’t part of the original plan, but when this giant teen is looking you dead in the eyes with his blue eyes, you just say yes. Visit

And boy are we glad we did. Ms. Sofia took VERY good care of our boy and instantly put him at ease. As soon as Bruce had his head buried in this milf’s E cups (yes, I said E) he just couldn’t keep them out of his mouth. Sofia couldn’t keep young Bruce out of her mouth either… Bruce couldn’t believe how good she was with her extra sloppy blowjobs.

Watch Bruce Sheppard’s Fuck Clip

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