EnglishLads: Straight Best Mates Lester & Max

Lester came to the shoot with his best friend Max whose photos went online a week ago and today Max does quite a few walk-on rolls coming into Lester’s shoot on quite a few occasions.

Max undresses Lester who then feeling a little lonely gets Max naked! The lads are very relaxed around each other when naked and cheeky glances and a few questions and we get to learn they see each other quite a lot naked and the only thing they haven’t seen is each other’s erections!

Lester does a great job at showing off his body, his hair free body and hole and wow what a massive cock, its five inches when soft and nearly nine inches when erect and wow he gets proper hard and it stick straight up like a missile!

Lester does a great job at showing off his body and lies back and does a massive cum shot firing it all over the place, loads of cum firing all over the place! Wow thank you Lester another straight lad happy to unload for us! Watch Lester on EnglishLads.com

Watch Lester & Max’s Jack-off Vids on EnglishLads.com

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