SpunkWorthy: Blowing Gabriel

I’m not sure if it was the money that enticed Gabriel to come back and get his first BJ from a guy or, after experiencing his happy-ending massage, he was curious about taking the next step in exploring his sexuality. Either way, after hitting him up about the shoot it took him all of 12 hours to say he’d be down for it.

If you’ve watched his other videos, you’ve surely noticed how quickly his cock gets hard. I’m pretty sure that Gabriel had a boner pushing through his gym shorts before he even walked through the door this time. By the time the cameras were on and I’d started rubbing on it, he was throbbing. A warm mouth wrapped around the shaft sent a shudder through his body and Gabriel’s head rolled back, mouth wide open, clearly enjoying the ride from the first minute. Visit SpunkWorthy.com

After he stood up to fuck my throat, I couldn’t wait to sink my tongue between Gabriel’s muscular ass cheeks. Another first for him, but if his facial expressions were any indication it was one that surprised him at how good it felt.

Gabriel must have been just barely holding onto busting too soon the entire time. When he flipped back around and I started working him up the finish line, it was hardly a minute before he quietly whispered that he was going to cum. With just a few more strokes, Gabriel’s load was running down the side of my hand while he moaned and twitched on the chair.

Clip of Gabriel Having his First BJ from a Guy

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