SpunkWorthy: Gabriel’s Massage

Gabriel was a tough nut to crack. After his solo shoot, he’d gotten the slow-ball pitch about coming back for a massage shoot, but at the time turned it down outright. We texted a couple times and, even with a little extra cash incentive, he wasn’t interested. Much to my surprise, a few weeks later he emailed to say that he was down to give it a shot. Click here to visit SprunkWorthy.

This would be a first for him in a couple ways. He’d certainly never done anything with a guy. And although he’d gotten massages before, he laughed at the thought of one turning into a happy ending.

“Usually the therapist doing the massage is so jacked that it’s not really a turn on for me.”

Once things got going with the shoot, though, I wondered if there was a smidgen of curiosity in Gabriel’s budding sexuality. We’d barely started and already he’d popped a boner. Click here to visit SprunkWorthy.

He’d warned me a couple times that he was getting close after I’d rubbed his hole and gave his cock a few strokes. It seemed that Gabriel was right at the edge the whole time and asked when he was clear to let his nut loose.

I tried my best to keep him on the edge, too, slowly working around the shaft of his dick and rubbing his tight ball sack. But it was a quick tweak of his nipples that pushed him over. Gabriel’s cock started shooting even before he had a chance to say that he was about to cum. His whole body convulsed as the cum pooled up and kept on coming and coming! Click here to visit SprunkWorthy.


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