Island Studs: Real-Life Str8 Hawaiian Surf Buddies

Real-Life Straight Hawaiian Surf Buddies

Straight surfers Andy and Eddie are BACK offering each other a “helping hand” for the first time in this EXCLUSIVE duo video from Island Studs.

As they start jerking side by side, I ask them if they want to make more money! “YES!” Andy states confidently looking over at his best friend Eddie. “Yep, I guess so…” Eddie says shyly. Stocky Andy the hot pizza delivery boy with the furry MAN BUTT and hairy cock and balls is NOT shy about grabbing his best friend’s rock hard cock and wetting it with his hand full of lube. Look at the expression on Eddie’s face as he looks down between his legs to his best friend stroking his boner! Eddie the shy 24 year old California Surfer with the smooth hairless boy body and killer white bubble butt has never had a guy touch his did UNTIL TODAY! Watch as these horny straight surfer boys explore each other’s bodies and stroke each other’s cocks for the very first time! Click here to watch and download straight surfers Andy and Eddie’s jerk-off video video‚Ķ

Real-Life Straight Hawaiian Surf Buddies


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