Straight Paul’s Tongue Flicks On Johnny’s Nipples

Straight Paul's Tongue Flicks On Johnny's Nipples
Johnny Forza has a hole in his pants and Paul Cannon is out of work. Those mysteries start today’s update. For some reason Paul refuses to share the details of how he lost his job. He also disputes calling BSB multiple times. Not a problem for us. He’s here, sharing the couch with Johnny. The boys strip to their undies and we get a preview of the lipstick tattoo touch up on Paul’s backside. The two sit next to each other, stroking their own individual meats. Boxers are eventually removed. Then Johnny leans in for a kiss. First the lip locking is tentative, but soon turns more passionate. Watch and download full-length video after the jump…

Straight Paul's Tongue Flicks On Johnny's Nipples


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