Straight Damien Fondles Johnny’s Heavy Nuts

Straight Damien Fondles Johnny's Heavy Nuts
Here is the thing about life at BSB: it’s difficult to tell which performers will return. Take Johnny Forza. In his solo, the New Jersey stud gave every indication he was heading back to Springsteen land. But look at him now! A BSB regular who makes the hearts flutter. His partner for this update is newbie Damien Kyle. Glad to see Damien is ready for a quick return. When the models take off their clothes, it’s impossible not to notice their physical differences. Johnny is a mass of muscles while Damien is slim. Both are wearing boxers and there is a friendly competition about who has the better pair. Willing to bet both would do well in a BSB auction. Watch and download full-length video after the jump…

Straight Damien Fondles Johnny's Heavy Nuts


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