Straight Tattooed Noah’s Solid Shaft Massaged

Straight Tattooed Noah's Solid Shaft Massaged
Pocket-sized hottie, Noah, is back! He enjoyed his “surprise handjob” so much that he thought he’d be up for a little more attention. By the time we started rubbing his hot bubble butt, Noah’s cock was already swollen and poking between his legs. Once we started stroking him, big beads of pre-cum started flowing out. Noah said he could feel that he was leaking and that he was getting close. We leaned down to give it a taste, licking some off the head of his cock. With a few more strokes, Noah panted as a warm load shot onto his stomach and ran down our fingers. Watch and download full-length video after the jump…

Straight Tattooed Noah's Solid Shaft Massaged

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