Straight Island Hottie Jeno’s One-Man Show

Straight Island Hottie Jeno's One-Man Show
Tight Body Muscle Stud Jeno, born and raised on the Island of Puerto Rico, loves living in Hawaii! He still has a thick seductive Puerto Rican accent and the perfect genetic mix: 50% Italian and 50% Puerto Rican! Check out his sexy sun-kissed brown Island skin! He is blessed with a gigantic uncut Italian/Puerto Rican 9″ cock! He goes to the gym 3-4 days a week, and has the rock hard body to prove it. Look at his full 8-pack abs, thick muscle thighs, great pecs and a tight ass! Click here to watch or download full length video‚Ķ

Straight Island Hottie Jeno's One-Man Show

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