Blowing Straight Carter’s 8-Incher with Abandon

Blowing Straight Carter's 8-Incher with Abandon
Carter is a real frat guy – he is getting ready for his house’s initiation back on campus. He is here to get his first taste of gay head. With Nikko giving the blow-job, his first time should be pretty good. Nikko starts by undressing Carter and then lubing up Carter’s uncut cock and getting it hard. Nikko started sucking on Carter’s 8 inch cock with abandon. Soon Carter had his hand on Nikko’s head and was totally getting into the gay experience. It didn’t take long before Carter was ready to blow a load out of that fat cock. He pumped gobs and gobs of jizz out of his 8-incher all over himself. Click here to watch or download full length video‚Ķ

Blowing Straight Carter's 8-Incher with Abandon

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