The Amateur Top & The Aggressive Bottom

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We figured for Jamison‘s first time fucking a dude, we better put him with an aggressive bottom!

Gerin blows him expertly and Jamison kind of kicks back passively and enjoys the head. He wasn’t ready to suck dick (next time though!) but he did reach out and touch Gerin’s dick. Baby steps!

Jamison then shoves him down flat and fucks him. It’s not a position that works for seeing penetration, but its very hot to see Jamison’s bubble butt shake up and down as he pounds Gerin’s ass. A more “real world” fucking, that may not be the best for our viewing, but it sure was hot to see Jamison go at it. But we still get to see Jamison’s cock buried in and out of Gerin’s ass.

Jamison takes a moment to ramp up and delivers a truly massive load all over Gerin’s balls and hole, shoving all the gooey cum inside of him. Click Here To Watch Videos of Jamison and Gerin…

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