The “Always Hard” Furry Stud

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We were delighted to receive a text message from Craig asking if we were interested in shooting him again for the Island Studs. Craig is so handsome and manly. Naked Craig is so sexy. An avid soccer player and surfer, he has the athletic man-body to show for it. Look at that football ass and those thick muscle thighs! Craig is truly a full-on furry guy: hairy legs, hairy ass, hairy chest, hairy nut sack.. he has hair everywhere! He is also one of the HORNIEST studs around. He confesses that “unfortunately” it has been “a couple of weeks” since he last busted a nut. Sad for Craig, but great for us! Craig is a true exhibitionist and just loves rubbing on his thick stick in front of the camera! Check out the massive load of thick goo Craig raises after weeks of not coming, it rolls out of his is mushroom head and own the red veiny shaft of his stunning stick! His dick is still thick and swollen when the narrow jet of water I am spraying ‘accidently’ hits his cock and balls, causing him to wince in pain, yet he keeps that ever friendly Craig smile! I apologize, but the hose is alive like Craig’s dick and it happens again! Oops! Sorry Craig! Click Here To Watch Videos of Craig…

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